The Trials & Tribulations of an Artist 

David Le'Roy Ross

3/13/24, 1:25 AM

A Society Grows Great...

Texas Panhandle

11/29/23, 12:40 AM

Junkies of a barren time, cannibalized, barren and their frames exposed, echoed roars of rusty dinosaurs, another testament to the tough times

We Played in the Valley...

11/28/23, 2:44 AM

As children, naturally drawn to water whether stream, river, pond or lake, the Chadakoin River, it's old canals and quonset huts now sitting atop abandoned industrial byway's of hand dug canals were our playground. On the Chadakoin a young man could be..

On Being Called an Artist

7/16/23, 1:36 AM

it was then that my client from Gilbraltor said "Good? You're a bloody fucking artist is what you are!)

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